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Long Island DWI/DUI Lawyer

Don’t Let a Mistake Ruin Your Driving Privileges

Doctors, Teachers, Realtors, Carpenters, no one is immune to being charged with a DWI. It doesn’t matter your education level, zip code or status, everyone is equal under the DWI law.

There is nothing like seeing the flashing blue and red lights in your rear-view mirror and knowing you are going to be arrested for drunk driving. It can be a terrible feeling, and if you are convicted, the consequences can have serious effects on your ability to lead a normal life. If you were arrested for such charges, let Austin Law Associates, P.C. help you. We have decades of experience providing clients with effective legal strategies that protect their interests, no matter how hopeless their situation may seem.

Schedule your free consultation with Austin Law Associates, P.C. by dialing. We serve clients throughout Nassau County, Suffolk County, Brooklyn, and Queens.

The Law in New York

Drunk driving is illegal no matter where it happens. The crime of DWAI refers to driving while impaired by alcohol, where your blood alcohol content (BAC) was below .08 percent. DUI refers to driving under the influence of alcohol with a BAC above .08 percent.

Once you are charged, a prosecutor will begin building a case against you to make sure you are punished to the full extent. Through carefully planned legal strategies, Austin Law Associates, P.C. has been able to reduce the charges against our clients. In some cases, we have gotten them dropped altogether.

If you are convicted of DWI/DUI, you could face:

  • License suspension: 90 days for a DWAI; 6 months for a DUI

  • Vehicle confiscation: Law enforcement may seize your vehicle if you are arrested for a DWAI or DUI. You will usually be informed of where and how to retrieve your vehicle, but if the vehicle was taken as evidence, you may need the help of a criminal lawyer to reclaim it.

  • Having an interlock device installed on your car: second DUI conviction within 10 years

  • Jail time or probation: Up to 15 days for DWAI; up to 1 year for a DUI

  • Fines: $300-$500 for a DWAI; $500-$1,000 for a DUI

Penalties for driving under the influence become more severe if you've had a prior or multiple convictions in the past. Let our Long Island DUI lawyers help you build an effective case strategy and avoid a conviction.

How We Can Help

Our team takes care to go over the details of each case and see how to best approach the court with it. For example, by preparing your paperwork beforehand, we can help present it to the judge in a way that favors your innocence.

We may be able to demonstrate that:

By getting started early, we can build a strong case in your favor. Call Austin Law Associates, P.C. today.

Dial now or contact us online and get started.

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