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Not Guilty Verdict

Aggravated Assault

Client was charged with making harassing phone calls to the ex- girlfriend of her current boyfriend. She was found not guilty on all counts after trial.

Case Pled to a Non-Criminal Violation

Client was originally charged with a B-Felony for selling drugs from his car. Police alleged they saw the sale. My investigation uncovered a tape which showed that the officers were not in a position to clearly view what they said they saw.

Case Dismissed

Client was charged with burglarizing a police officer’s house. During cross examination the officer agreed that he did not accurately report the loss to his insurance company as well as other misstatements. The jury returned a verdict of not guilty.

Case Dismissed

Client charged with strangulation and verbal abuse. All charges dismissed upon filing of motion.

Case Dismissed

Felony Cruelty to Animals

Client charged with abusing a dog belonging to her late mother. After investigation and filing of motion the court dismissed all charges after motion.

Case Dismissed

Police alleged they found drugs in client’s vehicle after traffic stop. After cross examination of the officer Court suppressed all drugs and charges were dismissed after hearing.

Case Dismissed

Client was charged with possessing marijuana in his car near his house. The police said they saw it through the window of the car. Case was dismissed after filing motion to dismiss.

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