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White Collar Crimes Lawyer in Long Island

Free Consultations to Help You Defend Yourself

White-collar crimes are vaguely defined as financially motivated, non-violent crimes. Perhaps the most famous example of a white collar crime is Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme that bilked his clients out of a mind-boggling $65 billion. For this crime, he was sentenced to 150 years in prison. White-collar crimes are enforced at both the state and federal levels, and the penalties can be draconian in serious cases. The occasion of a white-collar criminal investigation or charge is no time to represent yourself or hire an inexperienced lawyer to represent you. Call Austin Law Associates, P.C. for a free consultation about your case.

Dial now and schedule your free consultation with a Long Island criminal defense lawyer. Mr. Austin has a 10.0 Superb Avvo Rating.

Why You Need a Lawyer

We don’t play around when our client’s freedom, reputation, and economic livelihood are on the line. Our team is ready to go to war for you. As your advocate, we will fight relentlessly to keep you out of jail, minimize the damage to your interests, and clear your good name.

Some white-collar crimes defined under the New York State Penal Law include:

  • Antitrust violations

  • Bank fraud

  • Bankruptcy fraud

  • Bribery

  • Computer/internet fraud

  • Counterfeiting (money, trademarks, etc.)

  • Credit card fraud

  • Economic espionage

  • Embezzlement

  • Falsifying business records

  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations

  • Insurance fraud

  • Martin Act violations (business fraud)

  • Medicare/Medicaid fraud

  • Money laundering

  • Perjury

  • RICO Act violations (criminal conspiracies)

  • Securities fraud

  • Tampering with public records

The Unique Challenge of White-Collar Crimes

While it can be easy to condemn a criminal act from the outside, the truth is many people are often involved in white-collar crimes without realizing it.

Four unique challenges face those charged with white-collar crimes are:

  • Cooperating with investigations can be expensive and time-consuming: Just because you were accused does not mean you should spend every waking hour defending yourself. You need to be able to avoid spending the time and money complying with an ill-advised or frivolous investigation without being accused of obstruction of justice—itself a white-collar crime.

  • You can commit a crime without even knowing you are doing anything wrong: Some white-collar laws are so confusing that you could be considered guilty for simply committing certain acts, even if you did not know of their criminal character.

  • You can be punished out of proportion to your actual involvement: Prosecutors love to use the charge of conspiracy to prosecute a defendant for a white-collar crime that was actually committed by others, despite the defendant’s merely peripheral involvement, unwitting involvement, or in some cases, complete lack of involvement.

  • White-collar crimes prosecutions can be exceedingly complex: These laws often involve multiple defendants as well as complex factual, legal, and regulatory issues. Each facet of these issues can carry tremendous implications if it is not handled just right.

Let our team help you plan your defense. We have decades of experience and can provide you with the guidance you need to clear your name and avoid a conviction.

Call now or contact us online. We serve clients in Nassau County, Suffolk County, Brooklyn, and Queens.

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