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Long Island Juvenile Crimes Lawyer

Keep Your Child’s Future Untainted with Effective Legal Defense

Part of growing up is making mistakes. For those of us lucky enough to escape our teens without causing too much trouble, it is easy to understand how a person under the age of 19 might willfully commit criminal acts that could jeopardize their future. At Austin Law Associates, P.C., our Long Island criminal defense lawyer represents juveniles to help them avoid entering adulthood with a criminal record. We utilize our professional relationships to ensure each client is able to tell their story and have a second chance.

Schedule your free consultation with Austin Law Associates, P.C. by calling or contacting us online. We serve Nassau County, Suffolk County, Brooklyn, and Queens.

Handling Crimes Involving Young People

In the State of New York, the law is written to help young people avoid a criminal record. While a judge is granted the ability to sentence certain offenses with adult penalties for those at least 16 years of age, most of these crimes can be transferred to a family court and out of criminal proceedings.

Some cases can be transferred to family court, such as:

  • Violent crimes: Because these crimes are so severe, judges make decisions as to whether or not to have them transferred into a family court or a specialty court and we can assist them by giving them all the facts necessary to try and get your case in the proper venue.

  • Non-violent crimes: While some crimes cannot be sent to a special adolescent part, these cases are still eligible to be sealed from the public and employers as youthful offender. Let us use our knowledge to get your case the best disposition.

If you or your child have been charged with a juvenile offense, it is important to understand the law and make sure the court carries out what is in the best interests of the person accused.

How We Help Our Clients

During our free consultation, we go over the details of the case to examine all the evidence. There may be details the prosecution missed that we can use to exonerate you or your child. Plus, people under 19 are generally treated with more leniency as they have their whole lives ahead of them. Let our team help you prevent a criminal conviction.

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