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Juvenile Crimes FAQs

What is the difference between criminal and family court?

Family courts do not see serious crimes all the time, so when they do see a serious crime, they treat it as more seriously than criminal courts would. 


What may end up happening is that they see the crime as very serious, and they could take the child away from his parents for 30-90 days and place him in a group home or something equivalent. 


Meanwhile, criminal courts see the more serious crimes way more often. They may determine that the kid just needs probation, and they will seal his case.


However, in a lot of instances, it is much better than family court. There, they may take him out of his environment totally because they want to help him. They may think the best environment is sending him to a facility, as opposed to where he is with his family now. 

Stuart Austin will help you determine whether it is better for your case to go to family court or better to go to criminal court. If family court is the better option, Stuart will put you in touch with an attorney who can defend you in family court. 

Juvenile Crimes FAQs

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