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How do I apply for a conditional driver’s or hardship license?

A hardship license can be obtained if you have a necessity for your license and will have hardship without. For example, I had a client who was a perfect candidate for it. He worked at Jones Beach during the winter, and during the winter there’s no bus or train service there. The only way to get to Jones Beach is by car or by taxi, and he had to bring certain things with him, and it was prohibitively expensive for him to take a taxi every day to work, so he was able to receive a hardship’s license.

Other scenarios that may qualify are less stringent but would includes factors such as it is prohibitively expensive to get your employment or you have to take four or five buses to get there. Also if you are a contractor and have to bring tools to different job sites and public transportation isn’t a viable option.


A Conditional License imposes rules on when and where you may drive

All you have to do to obtain a conditional license is show the conditions that you need it for. You need to show that you do work and you need your license for work. The conditional license has much lower application standards.

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