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  • License suspension: 90 days for a DWAI; 6 months for a DUI

  • Vehicle confiscation: Law enforcement may seize your vehicle if you are arrested for a DWAI or DUI. You will usually be informed of where and how to retrieve your vehicle, but if the vehicle was taken as evidence, you may need the help of a criminal lawyer to reclaim it.

  • Having an interlock device installed on your car: second DUI conviction within 10 years

  • Jail time or probation: Up to 15 days for DWAI; up to 1 year for a DUI

  • Fines: $300-$500 for a DWAI; $500-$1,000 for a DUI

If you are convicted of DWI/DUI, you could face:

We may be able to demonstrate that:

  • Police gathered evidence in an unlawful way

  • You were not given your rights

  • Methods were used to manipulate you into admitting fault

  • The intoxylizer reading was suspect

  • The field tests were administered improperly

  • The stop of your vehicle was unlawful

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