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Roughly 9% of Americans have a speeding ticket on their driving record. How to beat the odds.

According to AARP August/September 2022 issue of "Stuff that Keeps Us Up At Night", there are ways to reduce your odds of getting that ticket.

Get real about speed. Let's say you drove 65 mph in a 55 zone for 10 miles. How much time did you save? Five minutes? Not even close. You saved 101 seconds--and that's at highway speeds.

Pay attention to road changes. Spots where speed limits suddenly drop are great hangout areas for police who are nabbing speeders.

Be careful on the bookends. More tickets are issued at the beginning and end of a month than in the middle notes legal database Avvo. Tickets peak between 7 and 9 am; probably due to people dashing to work. A spike also occurs between 2 and 4pm (possible reason: speeding in school zones). Monday is the most common day for tickets, followed by Tuesday and Wednesday.

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