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DWI Defense

Have you been charged with a DUI? Let Attorney Stuart Austin help today!

Criminal Defense

Stuart Austin can help you with your Criminal Defense case.

Traffic Violations

Traffic Violations are a source of inconvenience for all. Let Stuart Austin help resolve your case.

Long Island Criminal Defense Lawyer

Welcome to the official website of Austin Law Associates PC. At our law firm, we help those who have been charged with criminal offenses to access the justice that they want and deserve. If you’ve been charged with a criminal offense, you should know that the burden of proving your guilt lies with the prosecution. We will build the strongest possible case on your behalf, with a mind to improving the odds of a Not Guilty verdict.

Quite often, we are able to greatly reduce the charges against you, so that proceeding to trial is unnecessary. We use every legal tactic available in order to assist our clients, and we also offer respect, guidance and support to every single client that we take on. This is why we encourage you to place your trust in our law firm today.

We specialize in criminal cases and we offer Long Island-based clients the highest standards of legal acumen and dedication.

We are here to help!

You Need Legal Firepower Now

Successfully navigating the criminal law system in New York State requires a lot of experience and finesse. This is why choosing the right Long Island criminal defense lawyer is so important! There are a lot of ramifications to being found guilty of a crime or a misdemeanor. For example, you should know that misdemeanor convictions are never sealed, unless offenders are classified as youth, and that a guilty verdict for marijuana possession may bar you from accessing financial aid in the future.

As well, there are long-term limitations that reach far beyond the legal world. Those who have criminal records may not be able to visit other countries or access visas for foreign countries. It can also be difficult for convicted criminals to find work or be promoted at a current job. As well, relationships with family and friends often deteriorate.

At Austin Law Associates PC, we understand criminal law inside and out and we are here to advise you of your rights and then protect those rights! If you’re in trouble with the law, the smartest thing that you can do is retain legal counsel today. When you are charged with a crime it is a mistake to put off engaging a criminal defense lawyer. Criminal charges are not going to disappear or become inconsequential, and eventually, court dates and trial will occur. At that time, you need a robust defense that was prepared by an experienced attorney over time.

As well, the longer you wait to contact a criminal law attorney, the more memories of the events surrounding your arrest will fade, witnesses harder to contact, and evidence may disappear or be lost, due to the passage of time. Your want to be proactive and assertive in providing a criminal defense and protecting your rights.

When you hire one of the qualified criminal lawyers at Austin Law Associates PC, your attorney will be able to create a stronger defense for you and may even be able to arrange a plea bargain. Plea bargains are the submission of a Guilty plea to a lesser criminal offense than originally charged. This is not the best course of legal action for every case, but it is helpful option in certain situations.

If you wait too long, the chances of accessing a plea bargain may also disappear!


The Reasons to Choose Us

We are Experienced. The legal team at Austin Law Associates PC has a combined twenty-five years of experience in the legal field. Throughout these many years of legal practice, we have represented individuals charged with minor and very serious crimes. There are few legal situations or circumstances our legal team in Long Island has not encountered, and we are prepared to handle your case.

We are Local. Austin Law Associates PC is based in Long Island and focuses on serving the residents of Long Island, New York, USA. Our lawyers and legal staff are connected to the Long Island community and invested in the betterment of the people who live here. This dedication to our clients’ neighborhood means we are more personally and professional invested in our cases, which results in a better defense to criminal charges.

We are Communicative. We never want our clients to be left in the dark when it comes to their criminal defense. When you choose us, your lawyer will discuss your options with you, explain how he or she will build your defense, and give you advice and backup. Regular communication and clear explanations of your case and defense will help you manage the stress created due to your legal difficulties.

We are Qualified. The criminal defense lawyers at Austin Law Associates PC offer a full complement of criminal defense services to our valued clientele. We handle an array of case types, that vary from drug possession to sex crimes, shoplifting to driving while intoxicated, weapons possession to white collar crimes, and trucking cases (as well as trucking violations) to arson.

Getting the legal counsel that you need is as easy. Call our office, in order to access a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our Long Island criminal defense lawyers.

You may connect with us by calling (516) 858-0075 today or by requesting a free consultation on our website.

Getting Arrested Can Be A Harrowing Experience; Finding The Right Attorney Shouldn’t Be!

Whether you have been criminally charged, are the subject of an investigation, or simply suspect that criminal charges will be brought against you, it is a stressful experience to deal with the criminal justice system. There are processes and procedures that most people do not understand or otherwise encounter. Things move quickly and hastily on the part of prosecutors and investigators. It is overwhelming.

Hiring a criminal defense lawyer in Long Island should alleviate this pressure and stress, not increase it. Choose a lawyer that is receptive to your needs and invested in your case. Our attorneys at Austin Law Associates PC will focus on explaining your options, building your defense and helping you through this difficult time.

We set realistic expectations for your defense that are based on the upmost dedication to strategy and reduction of criminal charges, all to obtain a better result for you.

Austin Law Associates, P.C. is a full-service criminal defense law firm with over 25 years of legal experience focusing on Long Island.

Our legal team can handle you case, no matter what aspect of criminal law is involved, including:

Drug Possession

Austin Law Associates PC examines the processes and procedures of your arrest for drug possession, and thoroughly investigates the options for reducing sentences or charges.

Sex Crimes

Conviction of a sex crime requires registration as a sex offender and constant scrutiny over your name and actions. Our firm does its best to help you keep you from this position in society.


There are serious penalties under New York law for conviction of shoplifting, including the possibility of jail time. This is not a charge to be taken lightly.


In the State of New York DWI offenses are divided into class based on the number of offenses on your record. Keep your record as clean as possible by using a law firm that cares about your situation and is invested in a procedural defense to DWI.

Weapons Possession

Possession of a weapon is often considered a violent offense in the State of New York, as such, defense of this charge requires lawyers that understand the statutes that regulate weapon possession and the punishments.

White Collar Crimes

White collar crime includes fraud, embezzlement, bribery, and identity theft, among other offenses. It requires experience and understanding of these laws to provide a vigorous defense to charges of white collar crime.

Trucking Cases & Trucking Violations

We handle trucking cases or trucking violations under NYS Transportation Law Section 140 and cases under Nassau County Transportation Law Violation 1400 or 1402.

Call our office at any time to arrange for a no-cost, no-pressure consultation at (516) 858-0075.