What Help Is Available For Juveniles Who Commit Minor Crimes?

What Help Is Available For Juveniles Who Commit Minor Crimes?

Interviewer: There is a diversion program for juveniles who commit minor crimes. Can you tell me the name of the program and what the program is about?

Stuart: It is the Adolescent Diversion Program, called ADP.

Interviewer: Who does it apply to, what age group and under what circumstances?

Stuart: It applies to people age 17 and younger. In essence, it applies to any crimes that are deemed eligible.

That means they will take some crimes that are very minor crimes, such as a kid who shoplifts a $5 lipstick from a store. They will also take some robbery crimes if they are also deemed eligible. However, those are tougher to do with somebody with a knife or something or like that.

Interviewer: So it is like a safe harbor for minors who would otherwise face maybe adult court or family court? Is that why this program exists?

Stuart: These are cases that would be brought to court. The cases involve people 17 and under who, in essence, get a second shot. If they complete a program and go through a psychological evaluation and pass, then they end up with a dismissal on their case. It is sealed so no one ever, kind of, really knows.

It is really just a second chance for people who are young and stupid at the time.

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