What Criminal Acts Are Deemed To Be A Burglary?

What Criminal Acts Are Deemed To Be A Burglary?

Interviewer: What is the definition of burglary?

Stuart: Burglary is the entering of a building or a dwelling unlawfully, or remaining unlawfully. What they mean by that, for the most part, is that you do not have a right or a privilege to do that. Everybody thinks about somebody breaking into a house, and that is the quintessential burglary.

But another one is somebody goes to a store, Macy’s or Best Buy or one of those stores; and they are caught shoplifting. They are told they can never come back to the store again.

The store is not going to press charges. However, the person who shoplifted will have to sign an agreement saying they will never come back to the store; or they will not come back to the store for five years, or whatever it is.

Then two or three years go by, and they come back in the store. They steal something. It is now a regular larceny because they no longer have the right to be in that store. They gave up that right and it has now become a burglary, which in essence is a felony and a more serious crime.

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