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Long Island Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Keep Points Off Your Driving Record

Your Long Island speeding ticket might seem like a simple problem to solve, but receiving a speeding ticket or other traffic tickets in New York can have more repercussions than just paying a fine. When the speeding ticket is reported to your insurance company or you accumulate too many points on your driver’s license, the costs of a speeding ticket can skyrocket. Austin Law Associates has helped clients fight unfair and costly speeding tickets. Over years of practice, we’ve helped these clients save thousands in insurance costs, avoid payment of fines, and keep their New York driver’s license. Let us help you.

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Penalties for a Long Island Speeding Ticket

When you consider the penalties for a speeding ticket, paying the fine is only the beginning. You could be paying off a ticket for many years through your insurance company and future traffic tickets. Sometimes, hiring a lawyer always has long-term payouts. Austin Law Associates, P.C. provides speeding ticket defense focused on keeping your costs low and eliminating stress.

Hiring a Lawyer for Your Speeding Ticket

At Austin Law Associates, we make it easy to contact our team and fight your ticket. We offer a free consultation to any potential client—even if you are facing a criminal matter or trucking violation—and our legal services always keep your time and costs in mind.

Austin Law Associates provides you a strong speeding ticket defense without the hassle of a long battle in court or paying outrageous legal fees. We keep speeding ticket defense simple, straightforward, and effective for every client.

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