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Client Reviews

Hear What Our Clients Have to Say

With over 25 years of experience, Austin Law Associates, P.C. has handled thousands of cases and understands how to best serve the needs of our clients. Read what past clients have to say about our Long Island criminal defense lawyer. Call today and schedule your free consultation.

  • He worked vigorously and provided great proficiency to get me outstanding result for my case.
    Stuart is one of the top lawyers you can locate. He worked vigorously and provided great proficiency to get me outstanding result for my case. Stuart is highly valued and regarded in his domain with a proven track record of success.

    - V.O.

  • Stuart's Professionalism
    Stuart Austin handled my case with professionalism and ease. 
    He was a pleasure to deal with

    - Howard

  • I Highly Recommend Stuart Austin as an Attorney
    When I got a speeding ticket that could have resulted in six points on my license, I contacted Stuart Austin. He took care of everything, from the paperwork to the court appearance. He explained everything to me in clear and understandable terms, and I felt confident that going to him was the right move. Mr. Austin was able to reduce the ticket so that I only had to pay a fine, and I did not receive any points on my license. I would highly recommend Stuart Austin to anyone in a similar situation!

    - Former Client

  • Stuart Austin Is Always in the Drivers Seat
    Stuart resolved my legal matter in a most professional manner. My traffic ticket was dismissed because of Stuart's keen expertise of procedural law. Thanks again.

    - Jeffery

  • Solved My Problem
    Mr. Austin was recommended to me by my brother. I contacted him by email, never met. Emailed all requested documents and very shortly problem what I was facing was solved. Sharp and professional work!

    - Alex

  • Mr. Austin resolved my traffic tickets promptly!
    Mr. Austin resolved my traffic tickets promptly and in a satisfactory matter. He was in communication with me throughout the process, and gave me clear explanations about what was going on. I would recommend his services to others.

    - Former Client

  • Amazing Criminal Lawyer, Everything Dismissed.

    I had two prior lawyers representing me for false criminal complaints/ arrests with orders of protection before meeting Stuart

    Stuart told me what he wanted to do from the start, unfortunately I spent about a year a half with other attorneys not giving me the guidance and expertise I needed. I also of course spent money with previous attorneys with no real satisfaction.

    Stuart came very highly recommended from one of the most well known law firms in NYC representing high profile cases. They told me Stuart was my guy.

    I could see a difference in the approach when Stuarts Firm represented me in court. I already began to feel at ease but anxious to have this all behind me. 
    Well it turns out that the best scenario, actually happened. All my cases were dismissed. I could not ask for more ( Besides being introduced to Stuart Earlier). 
    When I met with Stuart I also realized that he was very smart, he had edges, he knew how to maneuver unlike other criminal attorneys which do not have experience in all facets of criminal law.

    - Former Client

  • You Can Trust Stuart!
    I do know other law areas where Stuart works, but 2 times used his service to solve my traffic and parking tickets. Never met him in person. Did not waste my time; all documents between us was exchanging by email. 
    Timely responds, professional ethic and most important; his representation did not hurt my driver licence record. My brother recommended; they lives in same community. Now I recommend to others - use Stuart!

    - Alex

  • True Professional
    Stuart is one of the best lawyers you can find. He worked tirelessly and provided tremendous professionalism to get me excellent results for both my cases. Stuart is very well respected in his field and his results are proven.

    - Elliot