Nassau County Trucking Violations Lawyer

Nassau County Trucking Violations Lawyer

You need and deserve a Nassau County trucking violations lawyer to provide legal assistance in fighting criminal, administrative, and traffic violations that impact your commercial driver’s licenses. As the holder of a commercial driver’s license (CDL) in New York, you rely on this license for employment, and a trucking violation could hinder your employment. With a lot at stake after any trucking violation, you want to hire the right Nassau County lawyer for your case.

Austin Law Associates is widely trusted by truck drivers and other commercial vehicle operators when it comes to license defense, defense to traffic violations and defense to trucking violations. Our success in these matters has led to a strong reputation for fighting trucking violations throughout Nassau County and Long Island.

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Nassau County Law on Trucking Violations

The law on trucking violations in Nassau County comes from several different places in the New York Code, New York Penal Law, and New York administrative regulations. These laws cover actions ranging from speeding or DWI to tickets for overloaded axels.

Truckers and trucking companies in Nassau County must follow regulations and laws over:

  • General driver safety and operation requirements in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations;
  • The transportation of hazardous materials under the federal Hazardous Materials Transportation Regulations;
  • Speeding, reckless driving, or failing to yield under the New York Vehicle and Traffic Law;
  • Driving while intoxicated under the New York Penal Law;
  • Safety regulation violations;
  • Violation of weight restrictions in the New York Code, Rules, and Regulations Chapter 17; and
  • Other logbook violations and equipment violations set by administrative agencies.

A trucking violations lawyer at Austin Law Associates can help identify the statutes or regulations that specifically apply to your case. Our team will unpack the law and help you understand it completely. This process of advice and explanation starts with a free initial consultation in our Nassau County office.

Penalties & Punishment for Trucking Violations

The laws and regulations regarding trucks and other commercial vehicles are set by the State of New York, and at times, by federal law. Agencies, law enforcement and state prosecutors working in Nassau County are tasked with enforcing these statewide laws through tickets and administrative punishments, such as:

  • Assessment of tickets and fines;
  • Bringing a civil case in federal or state court;
  • Charging an operator with a criminal offense;
  • Requiring re-qualification or continuing education courses; and
  • Imposing the loss of CDL license or suspension of CDL license

The severity of the trucking violation dictates the severity of the repercussions, but a Nassau County trucking violations lawyer at Austin Law Associates handles all complexity and type of trucking violation.

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Defense to Nassau County Trucking Violations

Your defense to Nassau County trucking violations is important for your finances, licensure, and future career. It’s incredibly important that you hire a Nassau County law firm with the capacity and experience to fully fight any alleged violations. You need to hire Austin Law Associates.

At Austin Law Associates, we not only have 20 years of experience in Nassau County but extensive prior experience in each area of trucking violations. Our firm handles defense to criminal charges in New York, traffic violations, driving while intoxicated by drugs or alcohol, and vehicle forfeiture – all issues that may arise in accusations of a trucking violation. This diversity of our defense practice leads to well-rounded and extensive knowledge of any trucking violation you may face.

To hire Austin Law Associates for the defense to a trucking violation in Nassau County or Long Island, contact us here.

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