Nassau County Ticket Lawyer

Nassau County Ticket Lawyer

Nassau County Ticket Lawyer

Did you know that when you pay a Nassau County traffic ticket or Long Island speeding ticket, you are admitting guilt to a traffic offense? This offense will appear on your driving record and notice of the ticket sent to your insurance company. Just as pleading guilty to a criminal offense has a substantial impact, so does admit to a traffic violation in Nassau County.

Before you pay a Nassau County ticket, you should consider the full and total impact of a guilty plea. To learn more about the potential consequences, speak with a Nassau County traffic ticket lawyer.

Austin Law Associates is focused on preventing the long-term and life-changing consequences of a subsequent traffic ticket. We want you to keep your license, keep your job, and continue life as normal on Long Island. For this reason, we keep your legal fees and costs for traffic ticket defense constantly in mind and provide a defense that is focused on lowering the financial impact of a traffic ticket, not raising it.

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When to Hire a Lawyer for Your First Nassau County Ticket

Most people determine that a first Nassau County ticket, whether a ticket for speeding, reckless driving, or failure to signal, doesn’t warrant the attention of a Nassau County lawyer. Yet, the repercussions of a traffic ticket in Nassau County, Long Island, or elsewhere in New York are far bigger than just paying a fine or fee.

You should hire a Nassau County ticket lawyer at Austin Law Associates if you face any of the following repercussions from a single ticket:

  • Loss of your driver’s license for points on your New York license;
  • Loss of your driver’s license due to tickets received in other states;
  • Increase in your insurance rates or request for an at-risk-driver insurance policy;
  • Revocation of your commercial driver’s license; or
  • Additional fines to keep your commercial driver’s license.

Other Nassau County tickets and moving violations are serious and substantial enough that regardless of the perceived consequences, you should contact a Nassau County law firm. Austin Law Associates has experience handling the most severe vehicle-related criminal offenses and tickets on Long Island, such as:

Subsequent Tickets in Nassau County

Your second, third, or fourth Nassau County ticket is going to result in far more substantial and serious consequences. Upon receipt of a subsequent offense, you need to pay serious attention to the number of points on your license and an increase in your insurance rates. In fact, a subsequent offense could even prevent you from changing insurance companies or renegotiating your insurance coverage.

A second or third Nassau County ticket can particularly impact the standing and validity of your commercial driver’s license. At Austin Law Associates, we provide a defense to typical traffic tickets on Long Island and dedicate part of our practice to the defense of trucking violations in Nassau County, Hempstead NY, and throughout Long Island.

Benefits of a Nassau County Lawyer

Austin Law Associates has handled cases in the Nassau County District Court for years. We have experience with criminal cases, vehicle forfeiture, and trucking defense in this court, and over the years have successfully fought many traffic tickets for our clients. Our familiarity with the Nassau County court is to your advantage.

Not only is the team at Austin Law Associates ready to take your traffic ticket case, but we are also prepared to provide the best possible defense.

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