Why should I hire a Long Island Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Why should I hire a Long Island Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Hiring a criminal defense lawyer is possibly the most important decision you will ever make. Your choice of attorney could be the difference between a blemished future or a clean slate, freedom or lockup. It is not a decision to make lightly, but the pace of a criminal prosecution in Long Island demands that when convicted of a crime you choose quickly.

So, you immediately spend some time reviewing websites and past reviews. There are recommendations from friends and sometimes, personal connections to consider. There are a number of important qualities this lawyer must possess, but in many instances nothing is more important than hiring a competent, local criminal defense attorney.

Nothing Can Replace Local Knowledge

When you engage a Long Island Criminal Defense Lawyer it is likely that lawyer appeared before the judge hearing your case in the past and previously worked against the prosecutor on the other side. This insight into the mindset, reputation, and history of the judge and tactics of opposing counsel is invaluable. A lawyer from elsewhere in the state of New York could have similar knowledge of the law, but it is impossible to replace the knowledge of an experienced local criminal defense lawyer.


Better Communication and Personal Contact

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When you hire a criminal defense lawyer from Long Island, you have the opportunity to build an attorney-client relationship that is built on personal communication and in-person conferences. This is markedly different than receiving legal counsel from a lawyer located in a different part of the state or country.  This is particularly true in the context of defending criminal charges.

Unlike lawyers who work with corporations or governmental agencies, criminal defense lawyers become involved in personal and emotional matters. In many instances, conversations with your lawyer will involve family, friends, and experiences of a private nature. It is easier to have these conversations and trust the lawyer sitting on the other side when done face-to-face. Plus, it is easier for you to reach and meet with your lawyer if an immediate conversation is needed.

There Is a Personal Investment

A local lawyer will already have a reputation within the community. You may receive opinions from family and friends, in addition to your own research online or through phone calls. A positive reputation is important to Long Island criminal defense lawyers. It ensures a better career and more clients that will be served. Therefore, when you hire a lawyer from Long Island, you will find a lawyer much more invested in being honest, straightforward, and diligent in your defense.

Reduce Your Out of Pocket Costs

There are strong financial reasons to choose a Long Island lawyer. Often, if your lawyer needs to travel for plea negotiations, conferences, pre-trial motions, or court dates there are costs passed along to you. The shorter that travel time, the better your bills will be throughout the process. A lawyer from Long Island will have the same education and knowledge as lawyers from elsewhere in the state, but it comes with a closer proximity and fewer expenses.

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At Austin Law Associates, PC we take great pride in serving the Long Island community as steadfast and honest criminal defense lawyers. There are 20 years of experience and a strong reputation in the community behind the defense representation we provide. If you need a Long Island criminal defense lawyer, do not hesitate; contact our office at (516) 858-0075.