Hempstead NY Trucking Violations Lawyer

Hempstead NY Trucking Violations Lawyer

Hempstead NY Trucking Violations Lawyer

Your commercial driver’s license (CDL) is one of your most important assets. Your job, livelihood, and future all depend on keeping your CDL, yet a Hempstead NY trucking violation could swiftly and unexpectedly threaten this necessary certification. In fact, even a minor trucking violation could impact your CDL, ability to find employment, or receive a promotion.

If you received a trucking violation in Hempstead NY or Nassau County, you need to speak with a trucking violation lawyer about the potential repercussions of the violation. At Austin Law Associates, we have the experience with traffic tickets, criminal defense, and trucking violations to provide you a top defense to trucking violations in Hempstead NY.

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Hempstead NY Law on Trucking Violations

You probably learned a lot about trucking violations and traffic tickets in your CDL courses. From this training, you know that there are not only a variety of trucking violations in the State of New York, but these violations fall under different laws and statutes. The violation you face could be from a federal, state, or local law, and the legal implications are different depending on what law applies.

Austin Law Associates handles all trucking violation cases, including those that are complex and involve multiple statutes or New York laws. Our past cases include violations of:

  • Hours of operation requirements and driver fatigue laws by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations;
  • Operational requirements put in place by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations;
  • Unlawful transportation of hazardous materials under the federal Hazardous Materials Transportation Regulations;
  • Speeding, violating posted signage, reckless driving, or failing to stop and other traffic offenses under the New York Vehicle and Traffic Law;
  • Failure of a drug test or other regular testing for the trucking industry;
  • Criminal charges for driving while intoxicated under the New York Penal Law;
  • Fraudulent logbooks for hours of service and maintenance under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations;
  • Violation of weight restrictions in the New York Code, Rules, and Regulations Chapter 17;
  • Failure to follow maintenance requirements in place by federal and state agencies; and
  • Other logbook violations and equipment violations set by administrative agencies.

Repercussions for a Hempstead NY Trucking Violation

Our primary goal at Austin Law Associates is ensuring you keep your CDL after a Hempstead NY trucking violation. However, this isn’t the only repercussion we address in our defense of your moving violation, hazardous materials violation, or reckless driving offense. We strategically address any and all negative implications of your Hempstead NY violation.


Here are some of the repercussions we can help you avoid after a trucking violation:

  • Fines, fees, and financial penalties tied to traffic tickets and other violations;
  • Increase in your insurance rate and loss of your insurance coverage;
  • Criminal charges for a serious trucking violation or DWI in New York;
  • Loss of employment or contract position; and
  • Potential civil case if the violation involved another entity or person.

Overcoming a Hempstead NY Trucking Violation

A trucking violation lawyer is responsible for helping you overcome a Hempstead NY violation. Even for a minor trucking violation, you need a Hempstead NY lawyer that has experience with trucking violations and the capacity to remain dedicated to your case.

At Austin Law Associates, we promise to provide advice and representation through every phase of a trucking violation case, hearing, or administrative process. To speak with a Hempstead NY lawyer in our office for the defense to a trucking violation in Hempstead NY or Long Island, contact us here.

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