Defending Your Drug-Related Charge: What Should You Look For in An Attorney?

Defending Your Drug-Related Charge: What Should You Look For in An Attorney?

Interviewer: When people are searching for an attorney to defend their drug case, what are some factors that they should look out for that would tell them that they’re talking to the right person versus the wrong attorney?

Stuart Austin: Any time you search for an attorney or a doctor you have to talk with them and make sure that you have a rapport with them. You need to see if you like what he or she is saying, that he or she is knowledgeable, but more than that is that you’ll trust in what he or she says. If you do not trust in what your expert says, no matter who it is, whether it’s a doctor or a lawyer, you’re not going to go very far. That’s the first thing.

Attorney Austin’s Advice: Ask Questions

The second thing is you should ask them about different options. Ask them about the consequences of a conviction. What are the consequences of being convicted of a downgraded charge and accepting a plea bargain? Will this affect my job? Will this affect my financial aid, my mortgage? If you have a barber’s license or a taxi driver’s license, will it affect that?

Also, does this person know the court? Is he or she an attorney who practices there regularly and knows that the Nassau County Lab shut down?

Attorney Austin Highly Recommends the Diversion Programs

Interviewer: I guess it’s safe to say with the drug courts, you’re in them quite a bit?

Stuart Austin: Yes. I wanted to reiterate that the diversion program is really one of the best options for a client who’s willing to take that chance and who really wants to help themselves, and then start a new life. This is because once he or she walks out of there they are free and clear to some extent of the encumbrances of a drug conviction and probably of the drug addiction itself as well.

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