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Specialty Courts in New York

Making Effective Use of the State’s Legal Offerings

New York is home to nearly 20 million people. Were each and every court proceeding to be carried out in the local courthouses, it would be nearly impossible to serve the needs of everyone. As a response, the State has different, specialty courts designed to help with specific issues. The Long Island criminal defense lawyer at Austin Law Associates, P.C. understands these courts and can help you navigate them to your benefit. Call our team today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about what to do.

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Courts for Specific Needs

Because crimes can be committed for different reasons, New York has implemented problem-solving courts that help those involved in legal matters to get the help they need. For example, a case involving human trafficking will require different resources than a simple assault case.

There are special problem-solving courts for:

  • Drug and mental health: For problems involving substance abuse, these courts offer faster access to resources such as treatment and rehabilitation.
  • Community: In other cases, there may need to be a focus on community accountability. These courts help those involved to get treatment and other forms of help in their local community.
  • Sex offense: With sex offenders, the answer is often a need for rehabilitation. By making it easier to get access to mental health treatments, these courts expedite the recovery process.
  • Human trafficking: Prostitution often involves people who are not there voluntarily. It is important to provide them with resources to get out of danger without suffering criminal repercussions.
  • Adolescent diversion: Young people face different outcomes when they are convicted of a crime. These courts work specifically with them to help them correct their course, rather than suffer a wrecked future.

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Because these courts use solutions that do not always involve a criminal conviction, having your case tried here can be preferable to district courts. During our free consultation, we can help you determine whether or not to seek having your case moved into a problem-solving court. Find out more by calling today.

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