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Detective David Rojas with NYPD charged with DUI

According to court papers, Detective David Rojas was charged with DUI after a district commander found him giving off the odor of alcohol while driving.

Court documents show that on Wednesday afternoon, the Detective was charged with DUI after the commanding officer of the 44th district, Inspector Kevin Catalina, saw him driving a 2011 Mitsubishi outside Glacken’s Bar and Grill on E. 149th St. in Highbridge. The bar is about 6 blocks from the Bronx precinct station house. Police officers don’t know if Rojas is assigned to the 44th Precinct.

Police told that Rojas was on duty when he was arrested and suspended. Police also told that it was not clear whether he was on duty or not when Catalina saw him driving while intoxicated.

In the complaint, it is written that Rojas had “glassy, watery eyes and a flushed face” and that Catalina “smelled the odor of an alcoholic beverage” on his breath.

Breath sample of Rojas was taken for testing and the Breathalyzer result showed his BAC level at 0.07 percent, according to the documents.

On Thursday, his attorney could not be reached. He was released on his own recognizance.