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How Can Attorney Stuart Austin Help You Whether Your Case Qualifies For Criminal Court Or Family Court?

Interviewer: You do not handle family court cases. You just handle the criminal court cases, in the Adolescence Diversion Program as well. Is that right?

Stuart: That is correct. I handle it within the criminal courts no matter what age they are, but as long as the case stays in criminal court.

Interviewer: So if you have a case you think should be pushed down to family court, would you do that or would you try to keep the case for yourself? If not, do you have someone to refer the case to?

Stuart: We have attorneys we talk with to make sure if cases should be in family court. If we all believe that it should be in family court, for whatever the nature of the case, they will just take it over.

Interviewer: I do not want people reading this to think that you would keep cases in your realm even if it is not in the best interest of the juvenile. However, you are saying that you would never do that.

Stuart: No, I would not.

After doing this for so many years, it is better to be, in your terms, that big fish in the big pond in criminal court a lot of times; rather than be in family court. We just find that the judges are more reasonable and the sentences are better.