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Drunk driving charges against ‘Hunger Games’ actor Jeffrey Wright dismissed

The actor of “Hunger Games”, 47-year-old Jeffrey Wright, was asked to stop on suspicion of drunk driving on the lower East Side on April 27. His breath sample was taken for the test which showed his BAC level at 0.00 percent.

On Monday, the charges against Wright were dismissed and the reason was that there was no proof that he was driving under the influence.

Police report shows that on the 27th of April, Wright was travelling in his Toyota Tacoma at Hester and Chrystie Sts. around 3 a.m. Officers smelled alcohol on his breath and his eyes were bloodshot, so they conducted a field sobriety test in which he failed. Then he was taken to the station for a breath test but his breath test result showed a 0.00 reading according to his attorney Scott Leemon.

Leemon said, “The correct decision was made”.

They dismissed the DUI case and the charges because they could not prove it beyond a reasonable suspect said the Manhattan prosecutors. Now Wright no longer faces the harsh penalties of a DUI conviction, fines and even prison time because without enough proof, authorities cannot convict a person on a DUI charge and his charges were dismissed by the judge.