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33-year-old western New York man calls 911 to report that he is drunk

CAMBRIA, N.Y. – According to the authorities, 33-year-old Patrick Kelly of Western New York called 911 and told that he had consumed too much alcohol and he cannot drive sober.

On late Wednesday night, Kelly was driving on a rural road in the neighboring town of Cambria when he called 911 to report that he was under the influence of alcohol and wouldn’t drive any further until someone came to get him because he didn’t want to harm any other person driving on the road.

After a short time, deputies reached at the scene and found Kelly in his vehicle. They took him into custody after he failed a field sobriety test and charged him with DUI. His BAC level was recorded at 0.15 percent, which is double than the legal driving limit.

Kelly was charged with DWI.