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Rockies baseman Todd Helton charged for drunk driving

On Wednesday morning, Todd Helton, the Rockies first baseman, was charged with DUI in Thornton, Colorado. He is going to enter the final year of his contract and his 17th season with the Rockies. The season in 2012 was unpleasant for him as he suffered an injury.

DUI is a serious crime, and when it comes to it, the Rockies showed their disappointment. It is said that Helton is lucky to have escaped with only an arrest and a picture on his record.

The Rockies commented on the Helton’s arrest, “We were extremely disappointed to learn that Todd was arrested this morning. This type of behavior is taken very seriously by our organization. We know that he clearly understands the seriousness of his poor decision, the harm that could have been inflicted on others and the embarrassment his mistake has caused to himself, his family, the Colorado Rockies organization and to Major League Baseball. Todd is taking full accountability for his actions with his family, his fans and the organization. The man we have grown to know has strong values that are grounded in his family and hard work. Todd clearly understands the severity of the situation.”

Helton said, “Last evening I exercised poor judgment and was charged with drinking and driving after driving to a gas station near my house. I am very sorry and embarrassed by my actions. I hold myself to a high standard and take my responsibility as a public figure very seriously. My entire career I have worked to set a positive example for my family and in our community and I fell far short of this standard. I sincerely ask my family, the Colorado Rockies Organization, Major League Baseball and the community to accept my apology. I make no excuses and accept full responsibility for my actions. I humbly ask your forgiveness.”

According to news, apparently, the $160 million baseball star had stopped at a gas station to buy lottery tickets. Critics also commented that such a dumb act of driving drunk to the store for a bunch of scratches is something expected from a housewife, not someone already rich and famous like Helton.