Attorney Austin Is Experienced in Handling Criminal Law Cases

Attorney Austin Is Experienced in Handling Criminal Law Cases

Interviewer: What general statement do you want to make to people that are coming to the website and they’re considering hiring you? What’s unique about what you do and who you are, that you want to communicate to people coming to the site?

Stuart Austin: I guess the real uniqueness is, most of us, myself and my partner, we’re trained in legal aid, so we’ve only done criminal law. We don’t do any of the civil work. We don’t do bankruptcies, mergers, and acquisitions for the last 18 years or whatever it is, we only handle criminal law, and we care about the person and about the outcome.

Sometimes you can get a very myopic view of, “I just want to get my case over with. I just want to plead guilty. I want to be done with it.”  You really just give up because, as we talked about, all the long-term consequences.

Attorney Austin Believes in Total Disclosure: His Clients Are Educated on All Aspects of Their Cases Before, During and After Trial

None of my clients come back to me 2, 3, 4, 5 years down the road and say, “I shouldn’t have done this. I didn’t know about XYZ,” because we tell them all about any negative consequences that could happen. We extensively research what may happen with their licensing, with their financial aid, or with their job, and they know going into this what all the ramifications will be beforehand.

By Austin Law Associates, P.C.

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